Homa Shojaie
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Veil Paintings
What is a veil? What is inspiration? What is perception? What is a portrait of unknown? How does one go beyond what one knows to approach the unknowable? When the borders of known and unknown dissolve, what happens to the image? What is an unknowable color?
Approaching a veil, an image emerges, only to reveal that there is another veil beyond it. Each layer alters the one before, concealing it while revealing something new. This process approaches proximity, meditation, presence, beyond presence, and the unknowable. Painting brings to foreground the limits of this unknowable. The horizontal trajectory of this limit moves from “gaze” to “encounter” to the realization that "unknowable" moves through us at any given moment. Upon this realization, directions dissolve and a kind of immersion occurs which is boundless and frameless. This is the most recent veil. Each painting is a veil. Perception is a veil. Inspiration is a veil. Photography by Hong Huazheng